FtheBCS week is upon us. Two games begin the tournament Friday with Clemson visiting Stanford and TCU hosting Kansas State. 6 games will follow on Saturday. Should be an exciting weekend of football. 
The committee met for about 24 minutes last night to select this years field. 8 teams automatically qualified and that left 8 spots to fill by the committee. The two most disappointing teams had to be Virginia Tech and Michigan. Virginia Tech didn't beat anyone. They played Clemson twice and were spanked both times. Michigan had a strong finish, but the loss to Michigan State, a bad loss to Iowa, and the fact that their best win was against a questionable Nebraska team made them vulnerable on the bubble. In the end I think the committee got it right. 
Dear Joe Paterno, do not resign. Do not resign because you need to speak out to give your side of the story. You need to explain why you have run that university over the last 40 plus years, but for some reason you decided the appalling abuse that took place in 2002 was not important enough to have your full attention. You need to stand up and answer every last question that is asked. And then you need to be fired. 
Its unthinkable that you allowed Mr. Sandusky access to innocent boys since 2002, Penn St. facilities since 2002, all because you feel that you did your job and clearly others around you were not doing theirs. Your problem is this isn't some former coach with a computer full of minors in a Florida retirement community. Your problem is Mr. Sandusky was operating in your back yard with your approval. 
You have always held yourself and your program out to the public as being an example of how a NCAA division I program should operate. While you may have graduated a few players, and recruited without cars and money, your program is now disgraced far more than any other program in recent memory. You may have have 409 victories, but you will now forever be remembered for this scandal. You may think that punishment is fitting, but anything short of you being fired is unacceptable. 
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